February 23, 2021

#FirstBlogpost: Get to know me

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#FirstBlogpost: Get to know me


before I start this blog, which is about Human Resources, Recruiting, Employer Branding, Marketing, Business Trends, Networking & more, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Ida, I’m currently 28 years old, I like being creative and I’m working at a global company in Luxembourg. Moreover, I’m a freelance branding consultant for an aspiring tech start-up. Before, I’ve studied a mixture of business and social sciences focussing on Marketing, HR and Data Analysis. During my studies, I was able to gain various professional experiences: After my first steps as a student assistant at my university (Trier University, Germany) and project manager in a regional boutique consulting firm, I worked as a trainee and working student in the field of HR at McKinsey & Company in Munich and in an audit & consulting firm in Luxembourg.

The human resources sector, as it has developed, from stumbling into the profession to continuing to do so, means nothing less today than gaining an insight into the development of society and generational change, as well as incorporating this knowledge into economic use and the needs of companies. We are the first point of contact in the field of human resources for anyone who wants to be part of a company, for anyone who has contractual or personal concerns within the company and also for those who want to leave the company. At the same time, today, it means building a corporate brand, representing it and living it at the outside world - because yes, digitalisation has caught up with us. Even if not yet replaced by AI and robots, we are getting used to the idea of always being present, always open for conversations and always ready to explore trends to create the best feeling for everyone involved.

For me, the key to sustainable success is the enjoyment of one's own work as well as the willingness to grow and to constantly develop further.

Therefore, I start this project with this blog.

I am enthusiastic about creating campaigns, virtual experiences, events and social media within the framework I currently operate in and I would be happy to share this knowledge with others. I experience start-ups, associations, smaller companies that don't hire internal HR staff, especially at the beginning, and I could already pass on a few successful tips.

Go with the time and the time will prove grateful. I look forward to networking and possible guest contributions from those, similarly interested.