November 22, 2020

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About Us

What is oveyaras? 

First of all, just an interested person who likes to be informed about everyday things related to human resources, branding and marketing, as well as the package around it. 

Because I dare to say that today you need a general understanding of business models, trends, skills, networks (and more) to be able to make a contribution in your environment. 

More than ever, creativity, brainstorming, network meetings and coaching sessions are important things to get ahead personally in addition to the hard skills you acquire. Both, as a private person and as a company. 

In the future, this website will feature blog posts on current topics related to the overall package of "business today" with reference to recruiting, employer branding, marketing, innovation and digitalization, soft skills, and much more. 

There will also be the opportunity to get in touch with oveyaras and work out creative campaigns together. Be it postings, special events, specifically designed branding campaigns or simply a first brainstorming for start-ups. 

The motto is colourful and creative, open and in a shared learning environment.